Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Never doubt that where we stand
Sylphs and elves and fairies ran.
Enchantment rules where now we live
Magic powers come from what we give.

Our lives are set in science and math
From birth we're firmly shown that path.
We soon know that age and death
Will come to claim our final breath.

My truth is that time matters not
When enchantment holds sway o'er our lot
This blessed place is for us bound
Only when our magic can be found.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Today was beautiful, my writing group heard the section I wrote in my new Matt series and they loved it as far as I could tell.  Then, a quick sandwich and off to golf.  Florida sunshine and a gorgeous course, everything was beautiful.  Then came the worm to ruin the apple. 
I was part of a four some, the two golfers in the other cart were a husband and wife.  The husband simply could not let his wife enjoy the day.  On every shot, he let her know what she had done wrong and how to correct it.  After four holes, I quit and returned to the clubhouse.  Not sure how thier two-some did.  He should be glad that few golfers are packing. 
So Mark, if you are reading my blog, you are the jerk who ruined the day for at least three of us.  I ask you sincerely, can you wife ever be a good enough golfer for you and does the score she shoots actually matter to anyone (except you} ever?

Life will be better with a wife who is happy if not a great golfer.

THANK GOD THE ELECTION IS OVER.  My wish for the future is that only honest politians run for office.  Since that can't happen, perhaps we should only have convicted felons run.  The ads would make more sense that way.  The average felon imprisoned with a life sentence would not be able dodge every question and turn every lie into a truth.  It would be so refreshing if the two idiots on stage for the debate actually took out machetes and hacked each other to death. 

Should such a thing have happened here in florida with the Charlie Chris and Govenor Scott, I believe Gov. Scott would have once again taken the 5th.